Living and Working in Leiden
Co- founder, owner and director at the IS-projects, Leiden
, the Netherlands
Co-founder, director of the EST art foundation

Murals Inc. Rotterdam

Boese, Brion, Winkler, Raum für Gäste, Aachen, Germany
Farbmalerei Positionen Niederlande, Verein für Aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebiet, Oberhausen, Germany
Walk in and Wonder, Walkmühle, Wiesbaden, Germany
Future / Memory, curated exhibition by Konsortium (DE), European City of Culture, Kanaus, Lithuania

SOLO/DUO EXHIBITIONS selected, since 1998
A Gallery Named Sue, Concrete Store Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hoogtij #48, Endless Possibilities, A Gallery Named Sue, The Hague, the Netherlands
'Kleine Zaal', De Vishal, Haarlem, the Netherlands
IS-projects @ Kunstroute Leiden, Leiden, the Netherlands
IS-projects @ The Others, art fair, Turin Italy
'Raakvlakken', duo exhibition with Henriëtte van 't Hoog, Le Petit Port, Leiden
, the Netherlands
Le Petit Port, Leiden, the Netherlands
SNO 62: IS projects presentation and solo show at Sydney Non Objective Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney, Australia, Sydney Biënale off programme
Blackbox, Skybox Marcipanis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
'L'Objet de la peinture', ParisCONCRET, Paris, France
'Jonge Concreten', with Jan Maarten Voskuil, De Vierde Dimensie, Plasmolen
, the Netherlands
'And then there was light', Vooraf en Toe, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Transitions', Le Petit Port (gallery), Leiden
, the Netherlands
Helderse Kunstliga, Den Helder
, the Netherlands
'Passages', Sidac Studio, Leiden, the Netherlands
De Vierde Dimensie gallery, Plasmolen
, The Netherlands (with Iemke van Dijk)
'Standpunt', gallery Prima Vista, Leiden, The Netherlands

GROUP EXHIBITIONS, selected, since 2004
Walk in and Wonder, Walkmühle, Wiesbaden, Germany
Future / Memory, curated exhibition by Konsortium (DE), European City of Culture, Kanaus, Lithuania
Kyiv Assemblage No.7 - Solidarity, EST art foundation, Leiden, the Netherlands
The End of the Beginning, NonSofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
2020,, Oct 1- 31, 2020, online
Transmissie, EST @ Kunstroute Leiden, the Netherlands
Online Viewing Rooms Booth 07, Artsy, June 12 - Sept 15, online
3-D, Alfa Gallery, Miami, Space 01 - 7934 West Drive #901, Miami, FL, United States

From Coterie to Coterie - 1st Biennale of reductive and Non Objective Art, Sydney, Australia
Kunstroute Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)

Big Art, Hembrug, Zaanstad, the Netherlands
New Modern: RNOP Melbourne: The Road Paintings, Five Walls, Melbourne, Australia
Interdiscursive Non Objective 2, w Galerii Uniwersyteckiej w Cieszynie, Cieszyn, Poland
RNOP Apeldoorn, ACEC, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
The whole and its parts, Das Esszimmer goes Space 52, Athens, Greece
The world of icons, ILKO gallery, Uzhhorod cityUkraine
It is a small world after all, Curated by - Jan Maarten Voskuil, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim, Germany
The world of icons, Kiyv Non Objective, Art Center Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine
Icons \ Shift, KNO.lab, Bulgakov Museum, Kiev
Grit, Exchange Berlin, Sluice_ IS-projects, Kühlhaus Berlin (with Zora Kreuzer and Dennis Meier), Germany
RNOP - End of the Beginning, Raygun, University of Southern Queensland, Towoomba, Australia
RNOP - New Work for a New System, Smith & Co Feisenbrau, Cincinnati OH, United States
RNOP San Francisco, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, United States (catalogue)
PHK18 #15: The great wall, MURALS Inc., Rotterdam, the Netherlands
RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage No.7, IS-projects + West international projects at Beton7, Athens, Greece
Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section, gallery Reuten, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (catalogue)
Kunstrai, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Retrospect, Abstract wall painting I II III, ACEC, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (catalogue and magazine)
BYO, 10 years IS-projects, Marktsteeg 10, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section', Karin Wimmer Contemporary, Munich, Germany (catalogue)
'Objectify', Trestle Gallery, New York, United States (catalogue)
KNO, Kiyv Non Objective, Kiev, Ukraine (catalogue)
Kunstroute Leiden, Old School, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Samenhang', Kunstgemaal, Bronckhorst, the Netherlands
'Sommerfest Ebertplatz, 'EUROPA', RNPG at Bruch & Dallas, Cologne, Germany
'EUROPA', RNPG at Bruch & Dallas, Cologne, Germany
'Going forward: 100 years De Stijl' A Gallery Named Sue, The Haguethe Netherlands
'Van Doesburg Fanclub', AGNS / RNPG + IS-projects in Concrete Store, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
'In Het Licht Van De Stijl', LUMC Galerie, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Oppler', Transmitter, New York, United States
'Extended Process', Saturation Point and APT studio, London, United Kingdom
'Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section', Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sluice Exchange Rates, IS-projects @ Transmitter, Bushwick NY, United States
'Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section', Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Art The Hague, A Gallery Named Sue, The Hague, the Netherlands
'Reliefreduktiv 6', SNO contemporary art projects, Sydney, Australia
'Indruk', Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden, The Netherlands
Galerie Tuinstaal, Leiden, The Netherlands
Norm Wird Form, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany 
Abstract Wall Painting II, ACEC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
'André Evard Art Award', Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel, Germany (catalogue)
Le petit Port, Leiden, the Netherlands
Iemke van Dijk, Albert Roskam, Guido Winkler, Le petit Port, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Therely Bare (Redux)', Murray State Unoversity, Murray KY, United States 
'Reliefreduktiv 5', Galerie Bunsen/Götz, Nürnberg, Germany
'Therely Bare (Redux)', Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville TN, United States
G U E S T S P O T @ THE REINSTITUTE, Baltimore, United States
ARTSCAPE A A F Baltimore, represented by Transmitter (NY), United States
'Reductive NL', Gallery Bratislava, Slovakia (catalogue)
Symposion 2015, Gorinchem, The Netherlands 
'Therely bare (Redux)', IS-projects @ Platforms Project, Art Athina, Athens, Greece
Reliefreduktiv 4 in Neuer Kunstverein, Aschaffenburg, Germany
ArtVenice Biennal 3,Sestiere Castello, 56 Venice Biennal, Venice, Italy
Reductive NL - Four generations of abstract art in the Netherlands, Tattra Gallery Poprad, Slovakia (catalogue)
Therely Bare (Redux), IS-projects, Leiden, The Netherlands
'Reductive NL', Gallery of Fine Arts, Ostrava, Czech Republic  (catalogue)
'Dahlhausen Viral', Museum Ahlen, Germany 
'Doppler Shift', Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, United States (catalogue)
Edition Norm at Aachener Kunstroute 2014, Aachen, Germany
Relief Reduktiv, Kunstverein Speyer, Speyer, Germany
'Reduktive NL', Galeria EL, Elblag, Poland (catalogue)
'Toujours Simple', ParisCONCRET, Paris, France (catalogue)
'Concreet Nu', 4th floor Spazzio Offices, Stadcentrum Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (catalogue)
'Edition Norm I + II', Koffer, Berlin, Germany
'SNO turns 100', SNO contemprary art projects, Sydney Australia
'Kunst in de wijk', Spar Meerburg, Leiden, the Netherlands
'The GREAT small Graphic Art show', PIT (Project Initiative Tilburg), the Netherlands
Museum De Lakenhal in de Meelfabriek, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Doppler', Parallel Art Space, New York, United States (catalogue)
'Flat Colors', ParisCONCRET, Paris, France  
'Van Berlin naar Leiden: Balzer, Boese, Juillerat, Stäglich'(Edition Norm), IS-projects, Leiden
'Point of Interest', galerie Lindner, Vienna, Austria
IS-projects at Supermarket Independent art fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden  (catalogue)
'Orthogonal', Burgas City Art Gallery, Burgas Bulgaria (catalogue)
'30/30 image archive project, a collective collection', CCNOA at Moinsun, Paris, France
'Same same but different', 30 Years GKG, Bonn, Germany (catalogue)
Jubilee auction, 30 jahre GKG, Bonn, Germany (catalogue)
Grafische werkplaats II, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, the Netherlands
'Operandi', Vrije Academie 65 years..and counting, The Hague, the Netherlands
'Orthogonal', The Red House / Nonsofia, Sofia, Bulgaria (catalogue)
'Dripping Color Amazement', Oqbo galerie, Berlin, Germany (catalogue)
Herbst.Zeit.Lose, Gesellschaft für Kunst un Gestaltung, Bonn, Germany (catalogue)
Scheltema, Leiden, the Netherlands
Halen/Brengen, Yellow Fellow, Leidschendam, the Netherlands (catalogue)
'Doppler Stop', trenutak.39 in Association with Animafest, Zagreb, Croatia (catalogue)
SNO 81, fundraiser, SNO contemprary art projects, Sydney Australia (catalogue)
'Doppler Stop', Fluctuating Images at General Public, Berlin, Germany (catalogue)
'Doppler Stop', Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (catalogue)
'Doppler Stop', Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (catalogue)
IS-projects+SNO+ParisCONCRET at Supermarket 2012 art fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden 
'Futureshock Onetwo', Dr. Julius | ap, Berlin Germany (catalogue) 
'Island of Order in a Sea of Chaos', De Vishal, Haarlem,  the Netherlands
‘Rhythm Section trifft TADA in Berg’, TADA, Berg, München, Germany
'Sugarmountain', Van den Berge galerie, Goes, The Netherlands
'Therely Bare', Kent State University Galleries, Ohio, United States
'Versionfest11', the Peregrine Program at the MDW Art Fair, Chicago, United States
'In Abstracto', Artipoli Art Gallery, Noorden, the Netherlands
'Moving Pictures', Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
'Leiden Last Judgement', Stedelijk museum de Lakenhal in Scheltema, Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)
PCNO Le Pont de Claix: 'Retour aux bases/Back to basics', 1st International Festival L'art Non Objective Pont de Claix, France (catalogue)
'Therely Bare', AVA Chattanooga, United States
'Lebt Theo?', GKG, Bonn Germany (catalogue)
'Touch", ParisCONCRET, Paris France
'Langs grenzen van abstractie', Haagse Kunstkring, the Hague, the Netherlands
Kunstroute Leiden, IS projects and Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4, Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)
GKG, Bonn, Germany: '1/1...1/100: internationale verlegern: Edition Konkret, MultipleART, Edition Hoffmann und IS projects' 
De Lakenhal in Scheltema: 'Reflecties' (N.Roepers) the Netherlands, with Germaine Kruip, Milou Rabe, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Guido Winkler
'SNO50': Sydney Non-Objective, Sydney Australia (auction Mosset/Nixon/Dahlhausen/Göttin/Miller/Huston/Wiebke/and many more)
'MADI': De Vierde Dimensie, Plasmolen, the Netherlands
'Salon Réalitées Nouvelles, Parc Floral Vincennes, Paris France (catalogue)
'Pour Faire Simple', ParisCONCRET, Paris France
'SNO 43: Assemblage No. 3', SNO contemporary art projects, Sydney Austalia
'Gegenstandslos', GKG, Bonn Germany with D.Allsop, H.Böhm, N.Bodde, J.Carter, C. Dahlhausen, A.Huston, M.Mohr, J.Nixon, J.van der Ploeg, G.Tagwerker, G.Uecker, H.Ulbrich, B.Zoderer; 200 international artists from 18 countries
'Leiden Assemblage No.1', Le Petit Port, Leiden, the Netherlands
'Under the Surface', RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden, the Netherlands
'UND Jetzt', IS projects and Le Petit Port gallery, Leiden, The Netherlands (co-founder IS Projects and co-curator 'UND Jetzt')
'03 Artistas Holandeses', with Paul Donker Duyvis and Eric Jan van de Geer, Gravura Brasileira, São Paulo, Brasil
Beekpark 28, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (catalogue)
Gelre Galeries, art fair, Arnhem, the Netherlands (De Vierde Dimensie)
Salon Réalitées Nouvelles, Parc Floral, Paris, France (catalogue)
'Vers Bloed', Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, the Netherlands
Catterline Arts Festival, Catterline, United Kingdom
PAN Amsterdam, De Vierde Dimensie, RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands   
'Art Energy',  Noisivision, Electron, Breda, The Netherlands
Gallery De Vierde Dimensie, Plasmolen, the Netherlands
'Druk', Haagse Kunstkringe + de Vrije Academie, The Hague, The Netherlands
Stroom HCBK, The Hague, the Netherlands 

BIG ART, Hembrug Zaandam
Curator BIL 2017, Leiden, the Netherlands
Curator 100 jaar De Stijl in Leiden, Open air Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, the Netherlands
Muur'r No. 1, Leiden wallpainting in public space
'Shifted ground', Public Window Foundation, Leiden, the Netherlands
Wallpainting at the GKG Bonn, germany
'Prelude', 6 Billboards at Europaweg, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands  (leaflet)
'Grundsicherung', Vitrine Sutstein, Edition Sutstein, Berlin, Germany
'Billboard IV: MIST', CBK Beekpark 28, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (leaflet)


Treasurer at Stichting ICOON Leiden 2022
Lecture Beelden in Leiden, Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4, Leiden, the Netherlands
SLUICE talks, Sluice Exchange Rates, Theodore:Art, Brooklyn, New York, Untied States
Movements to the artist run - a discussion on the self-organized', Guestspot at the Reinstitute, Baltimore MD
'Tales on creativity', Industry day, opening Kunstroute Leiden, interview, Scheltema, Leiden, the Netherlands
Pecha Kucha, presentation @ Nieuwe Energie, Stadslab Leiden, the Netherlands
Cultuur071, Sleutelstad FM, radio studioguest (2 hrs), Leiden, the Netherlands
Stadslab Leiden
Stadslab Leiden, wall paintings
Artipoli Art Gallery talk
OPEN | Makers 't Laatste Oordeel van Leiden artist talk
Art & Dialogue: building new audiences and platforms for engagement in art - Pavé d'Orsay, Paris, France
participant 'Stad en Mens', atelier arts and science, Meelfabriek, Leiden, the Netherlands
supervisor large format printing workshop, WBK Vrije Academie, The Hague 
selection panel Haagse Kunstkring,The Hague, the Netherlands
Lecturer Kunstacademie Leiden, Rijnburg (painting), the Netherlands
chairman, selection panel international artist in residence program Artcentre Leiden, The Netherlands
member of board of directors Artcentre Leiden, two times interim chairman, The Netherlands
chairman curatorial panel Artcentre Leiden, The Netherlands

De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2019, 18 maart, 370 pg, 30x34cm, ISBN 9789492881052
'Abstracte kunst springlevend', T. de With, Leidsch Dagblad, 25.01.2018,
Boogie Woogie Rhythm Sectin: 100 years De Stijl, Dr. karin Wimmer, Wies van Moorsel, Dmytro Goncharenko, Oleksiy Koval, Ine Dammers, Antoinette Reuten, ISBN: 978-3-945 296 -21-9, Kastner AG, MunichObjectify, 7x7" photobook, D. G Hill, Blurb, New York
A Square in a space, Guido Winkler, 23x15cm, 52 pages, softcover, ISBN 9781364939984,
'On “Chris Martin” at Anton Kern Gallery; “Doppler Shift” at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey; and “Matthew Miller: Can’t You See It, I Am One” at Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia', James Panero, Gallery Cronicle, The New Criterion, Nov 2014 (
Small gestures of exultation III, Amarie Bergman, Whitehot Magazine, Sept 2013 (
INDEX, Issue No. 2, artist book (ed. of 50), Melbourne, Australia, 21.0 x 29.7 cm, ISSN 1838-501X
'Non-objective art bij Reuten', Sya van 't Vlie, Beelden magazine No. 2/2011 (
'A Leiden Last Judgement', Art + Media, Sonja van Kerkhof, (
Art non-objectif: les derniers préparatifs du premier festival, Philippe Gonet, La Dauphiné Libéré, 14 Fev 2011
Retour/Back/aux bases/to basics, Festival international d'art non-objectif Le Pont de Claix, catalogue
"Lebt Theo? -Niederländische Kunst 80 Jahre nach van Doesburgs manifest zur konkreten Kunst", Dr. S Creemer-Bermbach and Dr. C. Dahlhausen; 54 pag catalogue, ISBN 978-3-00-033551-8
'Guido Winkler- Transitions', Visual Discrepancies (
'Going Forward: what is new a decade after the new millenium', Billy Gruner (PhD), 25 - 25 IS box, 2 pag. ( 
SNO 2005-2010 catalogue, 'Sydney Non Objective: Redrawing the geography and history of abstraction in the context of the contemporary', Carolyn Barnes, essay 11 pages published by ISSUU/The Narrows, Melbourne, 116 pages catalogue ISBN 978-0-9805877-3-9
Metropolis M, reviews, Laatste weekend: Van Doesburg in Leiden: Ga Kijken!, D. Ruyters, 1 jan 2010, (
Afbeelding werk Scheltema in banner homepage
'VIEWLIST: Bulletin Board', Karen Shifano, MinusSpace, New York (
'Caught in reflected Light', A. Lakke, ParisCONCRET, Paris (
'The Speed of Colour', Marijke Uittenbroek, and 'The Speed of Colour' IS Box
Kunstweekboek, 'Een ontmoeting met kunst' ISBN 9789081009232, 128 pages
'IS is Is', Jan Maarten Voskuil, published on and in IS Box
'UND Jetzt-A Gathering In Leiden', Dr. William Gruner on and part of the inaugural IS box
(Contributed images by) article Henc van Maarsenveen, Driemaal grafiek, publication in Pulchri magazine, nr 1 maart 2007
"6 Billboards at Europaweg", J. van der Graaf, leaflet
"Transitions, variaties en overgangen. Guido Winkler bij Le Petit Port, okt 2006. Aantekeningen bij een opening", Drs. Nicole Roepers, Transitions catalogue
BILLBOARD IV: Guido Winkler, text by J. van der Graaf, leaflet, bundled as catalogue
"Naar binnen door het raam naar buiten door de deur", R. Overmeer, G. Winkler, M. Leij, J. Kleingeld, ISBN: 90-9020-612-4, 72 pages

private collections in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
as part of IS-box also Switzerland
Communal collection Leiden,
Communal collection The Hague
Communal Art Centre Gelderland
De Vierde Dimensie, Plasmolen
ECP, Helmond
CCNOA Image archive project 30/30, Brussels
Edition Norm, Berlin
Minus Space Flatfiles, New York

IS- PROJECTS (curatorial project)
New York Is Now, Platforms Project, Athens, Greece
Grit, Sluice Exchange, Kühlhaus, Berlin
RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage No. 7, Beton 7 - Arts, Athens, Greece
IS-projects at Platforms Project, Nikos Kessanlis exhibition hall, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece (catalogue)
10 years IS-projects, Marktsteeg 10, Leiden, the Netherlands
Curators for Beelden in Leiden, Hooglandse Kerkgracht, Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)
Curators for Beelden in Leiden, Achmea building, Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)
Curators for Beelden in Leiden, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands (catalogue)
Curators for Openlucht Museum De Lakenhal, Pieterskerkhof, Leiden, the Netherlands (brochure)
Curators with Iemke van Dijk (IS-projects) for Museum De Lakenhal, Pieterskerk, Leiden, the Netherlands
Sluice Exchange Rates - Bushwick, Walk the Line in Transmitter, Bushwick, New York, United States
With Richard van der Aa, René van den Bos, René Eicke, Jason Hughes, Jasper van der Graaf and Guido Winkler
Maand van de Grafiek in IS-projects. With: Linda Arts, Pedro Boese and Daan Liu
Opaque Transparency, curated by Richard van der Aa; with Kyle Jenkins, Barbara Gaile, Clary Stolte, Douglas Witmer, Paul Raguenes, Richard van der Aa,Daniel Levine, and John Tallman. Not in this picture but also included in this exhibition: Joël Besse, Louise Blyton, Henk Delabie, Janet Meester, Patrick Sauze, Cecilia Vissers and Werner Windisch (catalogue)
Young Collectors
Therely Bare Redux @ Art Athina, Greece 
Therely Bare Redux
To the Point; with Richard van der Aa, Emmy Beenken, Carel Blotkamp, Christoph Dahlhausen, Iemke van Dijk, René Eicke, Gilbert Hsiao, Sarah Keighery, Alexandra Roozen, Léopoldine Roux, Martijn Schuppers, Regine Schumann, Jan Maarten Voskuil and Yumiko Yoneda. Curated by René Eicke.
To the point extension: 'New ways to colour walls, the Leiden dot project', Christoph Dahlhausen
From Berlin to Leiden: Balzer, Boese, Juillerat, Stäglich
Dieter Balzer, Pedro Boese, Pierre Juillerat, Nicola Stäglich and 1st issue of Edition Norm
IS-projects at SUPERMARKET art fair, Stockholm Sweden
Iemke van Dijk, Ditty Ketting, Peter Luining, Guido Nieuwendijk, Paulius Nosokas, Henriëtte van 't Hoog, Marije Vermeulen, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Guido Winkler
IS-projects at The Others, art fair, Turin, Italy
Guido Winkler, Iemke van Dijk and IS-editions 
'Soft Luminosity', IS-projects, Leiden
Pieter Bijwaard, Mark de Weijer, Mel Prest, Taney Roniger, Veerle Thoben 
IS-projects+SNO+ParisCONCRET @ Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
'SCHNITTSTELLEN': Don Voisine (New York), Tilman (Bruxelles/Nice), Edgar Diehl (Wiesbaden), Andrew Leslie (Sydney) @ IS-projects
'BIG BLACK' prev < > next in IS projects
Iris Bouwmeester, Bas Ketelaars, Arjan Janssen, Irène Kivinen and Alexandra Roozen
'KOSMOS', IS projects, Leiden
Brent Hallard, José Heerkens, Gilbert, Hsiao, Caroline de Lannoy, Giles Ryder (IS box: Vincent Icke)
'IS projects in De Waag, De Waag, Leiden
Eric de Nie, Gilbert Hsiao, Clary Stolte, Guido Winkler, 'Speed of Colour IS box'
'Properties', IS projects, Leiden
Iemke van Dijk, René Eicke, Pieter Geraedts, Jasper van der Graaf, Sarah Keighery, Alexandra Roozen, Léopoldine Roux, Clary Stolte
'The Speed of Colour', IS Projects, Leiden
Tony Harding, Henriëtte van 't Hoog, Gilbert Hsiao, Eric de Nie, John de Rijke, John Tallman
'UND Jetzt', IS Projects with Le Petit Port, Leiden
Richard van der Aa, Justin Andrews, Sanne Bruggink, Christoph Dahlhausen, Matthew Deleget, Iemke van Dijk, Jasper van der Graaf, Billy Gruner, Arjan Janssen, Kyle Jenkins, Sarah Keighery, Gracia Khouw, Rossana Martinez, Maike Mei Lan, Jan van der Ploeg, Perry Roberts, Tilman, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Guido Winkler